Understanding skin problems and some diseases that cause them ?>

Understanding skin problems and some diseases that cause them

Skin problems are of several types, with varying symptoms and triggers. They don’t always last for a long time, and some skin diseases can be almost painless too, albeit mentally and emotionally traumatizing. As they’re so common, there are well-established treatments for almost all skin diseases. However, there is still a lack of proper knowledge about what can trigger them. Read on to understand the skin issues better.


There are various symptoms of skin conditions, depending on the type of issue you have. However, you must keep in mind that skin roughness or blisters may not be caused by skin-related issues at all. These can be caused by wearing a new shoe or a rough fabric. Some of the symptoms that are actually caused by skin problems include white or red raised bumps, an itchy or painful rash, rough skin, ulcers, peeling skin, open lesions, cracked and dry skin, fleshy bumps, discolored patches, changes to the mole size or color, warts, excessive flushing, and loss of the skin pigment.


The skin problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common ones include bacteria that are trapped in hair follicles or skin pores, microorganisms that are living on your skin, different viruses, weak immunity, coming in contact with irritants or allergens, genetic factors, a variety of illnesses, and certain lifestyle-related factors.

Below is a list of the most common health conditions that can result in skin issues.

  • Inflammatory bowel disease: It is a group consisting of disorders that can result in long-lasting inflammation of your digestive tract. The medicines that are used for the treatment may result in skin issues like tags, stomatitis, anal fissures, vitiligo, vasculitis, and allergic eczema.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes can cause different skin conditions, which are either the direct results of the disease or caused by problems with blood circulation or infections due to it. Some of these skin issues are bacterial infections like boils, folliculitis, or styes, fungal infections like ringworm or yeast infections, diabetic blisters, acanthosis nigricans, digital sclerosis, and diabetic dermopathy.
  • Lupus: Many skin problems are caused by lupus. It is a chronic inflammatory disease, which affects your joints, skin, and organs. The common skin issues caused by lupus are round-shaped lesions on your head and face, thick and scaly lesions, ring-like lesions on the body parts that are exposed to the sun, flat rashes on your body and face that appear like sunburn, spots on toes and fingers that may red, black, or purple, sores inside your nose and mouth, and red-colored marks on your legs.

Some other conditions that result in skin issues include pregnancy, stress, and direct exposure to the sun.


If the skin conditions are left untreated, they may gradually aggravate and cause much more pain or long-lasting effects. For example, untreated acne may lead to scars. Similarly, carbuncle can cause serious oozing, and latex allergy can lead to serious swelling and breathing difficulty.

If you ever notice any symptoms of skin problems, you must visit your doctor immediately for proper treatment.

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