Top 6 NNN properties for sale in the country ?>

Top 6 NNN properties for sale in the country

NNN properties are known as triple net lease properties and can be categorized as single-tenant properties that are available for lease. In these properties, the maintenance fees, taxes, and insurance have to be paid by the lessee instead of the landlord. These costs have to be borne by the lessee in addition to the rent. Here are some of the top NNN properties for sale:

  • 7-Eleven, Texas
    There are plenty of 7-Eleven properties that come under the category of NNN properties. This one is our top pick at the moment, as it serves two commodities that are always in demand: gas and foods. The property is on the 3601 West Freeway in Fort Worth, Texas, making it quite a hot spot for sale. The current annual rent for this property is $267,500, while the cap rate is 5.75%.
  • Burger King, Florida
    Burger King is one of the country’s favorite fast-food chains. The current annual rent for this property is about $140,000, and the cap rate is 5.15%. This property was built quite recently as compared to the other options on our list, and it has the potential of providing good returns quickly, as it is in a strategic location on SW Port St. Lucie Blvd, which experiences average daily traffic on the plus side of 48,000 vehicles.
  • Admiral Petroleum, Michigan
    Gas and convenience stores offer really high returns, and this particular store is situated on Bay Road in Michigan, which gets average traffic of 29,300 vehicles daily. The average cap rate of this property is 6.75%, and the current annual rent is $60,000. Built in 1969, it is quite an old property, which means many prospective customers know about this NNN property for sale. The projected annual rental increase on this property is about 2%.
  • Advance Auto Parts, Georgia
    This NNN property for sale has a current cap rate of 5.90% and an annual rent of $183,000 currently. The vicinity attracts many customers as outlets of brands like McDonald’s and Jack in the Box are situated just around the corner. Additionally, close to 140,000 people reside within a 3-mile radius, increasing the chances of earning higher returns.
  • Hardee’s, Georgia
    Currently available at a cap rate of 5.75% and an annual rent of $107,926, this NNN property offers excellent profitability based on its location. It is located in a dense retail corridor with giants like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Krispy Kreme. Hardee’s is also a popular restaurant attracting loyal customers over the years.
  • Chase Bank, Illinois
    If you’re looking for NNN properties for sale in Matteson, this is a great option for you. The current annual rent for this property is $199,650, and the cap rate is 5.40%. The consumer base for this bank is pretty high, making this property a profitable option to consider.

If you opt for NNN properties for sale in a commercially viable location, you can earn high returns. Apart from the location, it is advisable to consider your budget and the cap rate, among other factors, before making a decision.

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