Top 5 international airlines in the world ?>

Top 5 international airlines in the world

Most people, while booking a flight ticket, do not put in a lot of thought behind which airline’s services they should be availing of. It is important to do a background check on the airline before you book your tickets. What if the airline has had a history of losing its passengers’ luggage frequently or carries a bad reputation of serving stale food to the flyers? Your in-flight experience, whether long or short, should be comfortable and a memorable one. Here, we help you decide which airline you should opt for when you fly, by the following list.

Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss, the flag carrier airline of Switzerland, is not a niche carrier, but it operates like a boutique flight. The carrier is very meticulous about the services it provides inside the flight. It serves multi-course meals, which are on par with the kind served in a high-end restaurant. You also get adjustable headrests and well-organized amenity kits. As it is a Switzerland-based airline, the staff makes it a point to serve cheese of the highest quality to its passengers.


This flag carrier airline from Australia came into prominence when it became one of the first carriers to cover vastly long-distance routes without halting at any airport in between. Its flights fly across one of the longest, uninterrupted air travels from Dallas to Sydney, which takes around 17 hours to cover. It is fairly renowned for the fine Australian food, which it serves in all its cabins. There is a premium economy section, behind the business class section, which provides for extra legroom and a snack bar.


Extravagance is the middle name of this Dubai-based airline. Most premium fliers travel by Emirates’ flights quite frequently. Luxury dining, in-flight showers – it has everything that you can expect in a super-premium carrier. The seat-back entertainment system gives you 1,800 channels to choose from and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. The airport lounges at Dubai and other important destinations like New York and London are extremely comfortable too. There are elaborate resting rooms and washrooms with showers as well.

Air New Zealand

The Kiwi carrier provides some of the longest flights across the globe. For this reason itself, it makes sure that the seats offer adequate comfort and there is enough legroom for the passengers to stretch themselves. One of their unique features is a Skycouch, which is present in several rows and gives individuals flying with their families additional space. If you want to travel on a budget but still want some extra comfort, you can book a seat in the premium economy section.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s fleet of carriers has made it very convenient for people to travel from the United States to the Far East countries of the world. There are five flights flying every day just from New York, so it scores well on frequency and availability. The airline’s cuisine, which is put together by top-line Hong-Kong chefs, has received glowing reviews from leading publications over the years. Its economy coaches have been thoughtfully designed and have a premium look and feel to them.

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