These services are not covered under Medicare ?>

These services are not covered under Medicare

Medicare is an essential part of your healthcare and makes it easy to access treatments for various ailments. It is divided into four parts – A, B, C, and D. Each part of Medicare covers specific healthcare services. Part A and B are considered Original Medicare, a fee-for-service program. Parts C and D are considered to be plans that offer additional benefits. Read on to learn about what is not covered under these plans.

What is not covered under Medicare Part A?
Medicare Part A does not cover everything. These include a private room in the hospital or skilled nursing facility, private nursing care, and personal care items such as razors, socks, and slippers unless provided by the healthcare institute at no charge. Under Medicare Part A, patients also cannot get access to television or telephone in the room. There are also other things that are not covered by Medicare Part A, such as the first three pints of blood unless the hospital is able to arrange it for no charge and the cost of staying in a nursing home long term or visiting a skilled nursing home for rehab.

What’s not covered under Medicare Part B?
Medicare Part B covers a wide range of routine medical care. This includes services such as flu shots and X-rays. It also covers bigger items such as organ transplants, intensive surgery, repairs of severe injuries, and even treatments for conditions such as cancer. Medicare Part B also covers preventive measures, such as screenings and tests. Though it is all-encompassing, Medicare part B does not cover certain things. This includes routine services for vision, hearing, and dental care. Routine services for foot care are also not covered under Medicare part B. This includes toenail clipping and removing corns and calluses. These services are only provided if foot ailments are caused due to certain conditions such as diabetes, cancer, malnutrition, and more. This plan does not cover long-term care in nursing homes and home safety items.

What’s not covered under Medicare Part C?
Medicare Part C is also known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans provide the same amount of coverage as Medicare A and B but also give additional coverage. You get access to vision, dental, and even hearing care that is not provided by the other plans. Depending on the type of plan chosen, the patient may not get access to prescription treatments. Medicare Part C may also not cover the costs of a private room unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. You may also have to pay an additional premium to use this plan, and your network of providers may be smaller compared to the original medicare plans. Medicare Part C can’t be used along with any employer-offered healthcare plans that are supplementary to the original Medicare.

What’s not covered under Medicare Part D?
Medicare Part D is an outpatient prescription treatment benefit for individuals with Medicare through private plans. These beneficiaries can enroll in a stand-alone plan which supplements the traditional medicare or medicare advantage plans. There are a lot of treatments that are not covered by part D. These include treatments for hair growth, fertility treatments, over-the-counter treatments, and even treatments that come from other parts A and B of Medicare.

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