Check out best deals to bring home top smart home devices on Cyber Monday 2022 ?>

Check out best deals to bring home top smart home devices on Cyber Monday 2022

Since the holiday season is just around the corner, people tend to spend more time in the comforts of their homes. Hence, it makes sense to ensure that your home surroundings suit your convenience and are easily accessible. Here is a list of smart home devices you should consider buying this upcoming Cyber Monday 2022 sales.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Nest Hub is a perfect choice If you want an all-in-one device to control your smart home accessories with/without voice commands. It has a competent user interface that helps obtain all the required information at a glance, and you will avail of access to streaming services like Youtube and Netflix. The device also includes a sleep tracking feature and can be yours for around $50.

Kasa Smart Plug (3-Pack)

Smart plugs are often overlooked because they appear clumsy when connected to the wall sockets. However, they can help you control the power output on anything it can connect with, such as an AC input, allowing for home automation. Furthermore, it supports WIFI connectivity with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Expect it to arrive in the price range of $18 or less.

Lifx Color A19

If you want to purchase some brightly-powered light bulbs, then Lifx will be a great choice because they can go up to 1100 lumens of brightness. Additionally, they support WIFI connectivity, meaning that one can set up each bulb independently. Furthermore, there’s support for Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Prices will be around $35 or less.

Facebook Portal

If you like to stay connected with your dear and near constantly, then Facebook Portal can be a handy device to keep in your living room or dining table. In simple terms, Facebook Portal allows you to video chat with your long-distance relatives or colleagues anywhere in the comforts of your home, with no need to turn on your computer. It comes in prices as feasible as $80 or less.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker

Smart speakers are the talk of the town lately, and with the Nest Audio, one that not only sounds great but also comes with a discreet design, it’s a no-brainer to have it in your repertoire. You also get access to Google Assistant, alarm feature, play music, look up weather and traffic reports, and much more. Expect prices to be $60 or lower.

Google Nest Cam

Nowadays, you can experience Google Assistant not only on your smartphone but also on the security camera in your home. Once installed, you’ll enjoy its wide-angle sensor view and added motion detection feature. Furthermore, expect the battery to last for at least a month. Prices are expected to be $150 or less.

Google Nest WIFI Mesh router (2-Pack)

The days when one had to use WIFI extenders are now in the past since Mesh WIFI routers are the future. Even though the Nest WIFI mesh router has no support for the latest WIFI 6 standard, it’s still faster than most of the regular routers available nowadays on the market. Adding to the perks, you can now get two of these for $180 or less.

August Smart Lock

There’s no denying that smart locks are underrated accessories, and August’s gadget can automatically lock/unlock as guests arrive and leave your home. Hence, it can come in really handy during the holiday season, saving you from a lot of hassle. You can even program it to allow guests or family members into your home while you are away. Prices are expected to be in the range of $90.

Neato Botvac D6

The popularity of robot vacuum cleaners has been on the rise of late, and if you’re looking for the perfect moment to get on the bandwagon, then this is it. Neato Botvac D6 can easily handle pet hair and seamlessly operate across multiple floor maps. Furthermore, its battery provides cleaning runtimes of up to 120 minutes, and you get smartphone control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration. Prices will be $335 or lower.

Dyson TP01 Pure Cool air purifier & fan

If your home doesn’t have the space to accommodate a fan and an air purifier separately, then Dyson TP01 can be the right choice for you. Its performance remains top-notch, and you get to experience clean, allergen-free air quality around your home interiors. Expect prices to be $300 or less.

For more Cyber Monday 2022 deals on smart home tech, continue watching this space!

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