7 unfavorable cities for people with chronic migraine ?>

7 unfavorable cities for people with chronic migraine

Migraine attacks are probably more common in the country than you had imagined. Reports reveal that up to 10% of teenagers and youngsters nationwide suffer from migraines. Although migraines may have many underlying causes, such as a genetic predisposition, elevated stress levels, unpleasant smells, and hormonal changes, unfavorable environmental factors can worsen the situation. For example, here’s a look at the country’s worst cities to settle in if you are prone to having migraines:

St. Louis
Studies have shown that weather changes and the consequent drop in barometric pressure can cause brain chemicals like serotonin to be imbalanced, leading to severe headaches and migraines. Thus, considering the frequency of weather changes in St. Louis, it is no surprise that this city is unfavorable for individuals prone to migraine attacks. For example, St. Louis witnessed hefty rainfall in July 2022, which, according to experts, could result from climate change and global warming and is likely to become more frequent in the city.

According to reports, Miami is situated near the Atlantic Ocean and has a 16% likelihood of bearing the brunt of hurricanes in any given year. Many patients with migraine experience severe attacks during the onset of tropical storms and the resulting low atmospheric pressure. Hence, living in Miami can trigger or aggravate migraines for those already vulnerable.

According to the Department of Transportation, Elizabeth is the nation’s Noisiest town due to its proximity to Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. Studies have demonstrated that noise can cause disturbances in the neurovascular system, triggering migraines, and individuals affected by migraines should avoid relocating to Elizabeth.

New Orleans
New Orleans is reported to have the highest relative humidity among all the cities, with an average humidity of approximately 86 percent. The higher relative humidity is linked with an increased frequency of migraine attacks, particularly during summer. As a result of such elevated humidity levels, New Orleans can aggravate migraine among individuals prone to it.

Today, there is increasing evidence that air pollutants like carbon monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter can trigger migraine headaches. Bakersfield is classified as one of the most polluted cities in the country, with annual particulate matter or PM levels of 2.5. Living in Bakersfield and other highly polluted areas can worsen one’s migraines.

Phoenix, Arizona, is prone to extremely high temperatures, often crossing 100 degrees daily during summer. Such extreme temperatures can adversely affect individuals with migraines, exacerbating their condition. It helps to move to places with more uniform temperatures to alleviate headaches and related health issues.

This city is prone to freezing temperatures, with drops up to -66 degrees Fahrenheit. Studies have drawn associations between decreasing temperatures and headaches, as weather changes can trigger electrical and chemical changes in the brain. Thus, it would help individuals prone to migraines to avoid settling in this city.

Although migraine attacks can be debilitating, they can be controlled and prevented with proper treatment, lifestyle changes, and healthcare. Controlling environmental factors is one of the primary ways of managing the onset of such conditions.

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