7 common travel mistakes that are easily avoidable ?>

7 common travel mistakes that are easily avoidable

Traveling often requires meticulous planning and budgeting. With the various steps involved, from shortlisting destinations to booking flights and hotels, it’s inevitable to slip up. Some travel mistakes may lead people to newer, memorable, and enriching experiences at the destination. But some errors may bring inconveniences in terms of loss of money and time. Here are some common mistakes one can easily avoid to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Overpacking for the trip
It may be tempting to pack full-sized grooming essentials and extra clothing items for all possible occasions, but doing so can hamper the travel experience. One, it may make the luggage bulky and difficult to haul around, and two, it may increase the risk of exceeding the airplane baggage limit. One is advised to pack only essential clothing items and travel-sized products for the trip. Opting for the laundry option in hotels helps reuse clothes and travel light.

Ignoring credit card insurance coverage
Several credit card providers give cardholders access to insurance and other travel perks. One can qualify for insurance by buying a ticket with the credit card. The insurance may provide rental vehicle insurance or coverage against missing or damaged luggage, trip interruptions, health crises, evacuation, and more. Ignoring credit card insurance may lead to one buying additional coverage unnecessarily.

Not contacting the credit card company
Credit card companies may identify international transactions as potential fraud and may block one’s account. Infrequent travelers are advised to reveal their travel plans in advance to the credit card company to avoid such surprises. Additionally, one can also find out if there are any offers on one’s travel and any fees for foreign transactions.

Ignoring layover time while booking flights
Those booking a connecting flight are advised to keep at least two to three hours of layover time. Otherwise, one may end up rushing through security and unfamiliar airports. Keeping some time in hand for unforeseen circumstances like delayed landing will ensure one does not miss the next flight.

Making an unrealistic itinerary
Packing the days with back-to-back sightseeing and other activities is not advisable. An overambitious itinerary can tire anyone out, leaving no time to relax and enjoy the next activity. Additionally, it also leaves no time to explore the secret or lesser-known local spots.

Carrying high expectations
It’s normal to feel excited before a trip, but high and unrealistic expectations about the destination usually lead to disappointment. To avoid this, one can read reviews on lodgings, travel agencies, and restaurants. Traveling with an open mind also makes room for spontaneity.

Not getting travel insurance
Travel insurance is a crucial financial cover that guards against a variety of travel-related risks, including lost or stolen luggage, flight cancellations or delays, accidents, health emergencies, and much more. Usually, one can get a wide range of coverage by investing 4 to 10 percent of the trip’s cost in suitable insurance. There are several options available to meet different traveler needs. For example, cruise insurance can cover missed en-routes, harsh weather, or onboard health emergencies. Spending extra dollars on insurance can provide tremendous financial safety and peace of mind to travelers.

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