6 most unsafe places to hide jewelry at home ?>

6 most unsafe places to hide jewelry at home

Despite the advent of cutting-edge security systems, jewelry theft remains a prevalent issue across the country. Therefore, homeowners should exercise caution while storing jewelry at home. Although these security systems allow for efficient prevention and detection of such crimes, failure of these systems increases one’s susceptibility to jewelry theft. Consequently, one should not only be alert at all times but also avoid hiding their jewelry at specific spots that thieves almost always remember to check:

Toilet tank
Although the toilet tank was once considered a good jewelry hiding spot, it has become a popular location due to its portrayal in movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, this makes it an obvious target for thieves. Moreover, there is an added risk of one’s jewelry getting tarnished due to excess moisture in the tank.

Drawers are among the most obvious places to hide jewelry; therefore, robbers are sure to rummage through drawers when trying to steal one’s valuables. Hence, one should avoid hiding jewelry in drawers, even if it is kept inside boxes or sub-lockers.

It is estimated that over one in four individuals hide their jewelry in the freezer. Hence, it has emerged as a common place for homeowners to hide jewelry and one of the spots that seasoned burglars typically do not miss checking.

CD and DVD cases
Burglars usually check drawers and shelves thoroughly upon breaking into a house. Hence, CD and DVD cases are likely to be scrutinized by them and are not good places to hide jewelry.

Under the mattress
While mattresses conceal the items hidden underneath them quite well, they have become common places to hide jewelry. Thieves who understand this tactic would surely check under mattresses for hidden ornaments.

The jewelry box
Although, as the name suggests, a jewelry box is meant to store jewelry, it is ironically one of the most obvious places robbers would check first. Thus, one should avoid hiding jewelry in a jewelry box, even if it is locked.

Today, top brands like Kay Jewelers offer several options in each jewelry category, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets – from stud and hoop earrings to sapphire and diamond necklaces – which go on to become treasured heirlooms. Thus, it is crucial to hide these jewelry pieces safely, especially when storing them at home. Finally, being vigilant at all times goes a long way in identifying suspicious activity and preventing such crimes.

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