5 unhealthy smartphone habits to break today ?>

5 unhealthy smartphone habits to break today

Today, almost every aspect of our lives — from our entertainment sources to interactions with our loved ones — is compressed into a smart, sleek 6-inch device. While the advanced features of smartphones have made our lives incredibly easier, excessive dependence on mobile devices has caused many physical and mental health issues. Here are some unhealthy smartphone habits you must break to facilitate overall wellbeing and a list of newly launched phones to help inculcate positive smartphone habits.

  • Using light mode at night
    Exposure to direct bright light from your screen can strain your eyes and aggravate any existing eye conditions. Enabling your phone’s dark mode turns the background black for all apps that originally had lighter hues. It is a UI design feature added to all smartphones to protect one’s eyes from the phone’s blue light.
  • Not setting timers for frequently used apps
    Certain applications, mainly social media, and video-streaming apps, take up more space than others on the phones. Not setting a time limit on using these apps can lead to addiction. Most smartphones allow users to set timers on these apps; once the specified time limit passes, the apps pause, disabling their use for the rest of the day.
  • Not using biometric unlocking techniques
    Using biometrics to unlock your phone increases safety and protects your data in case your phone gets misplaced. Several smartphones have now configured several biometric techniques, including fingerprint identification and face recognition.
  • Checking the phone early morning
    The blue light from smartphones is harmful to the eyes and can particularly damage them if one is exposed to it early in the morning. Moreover, viewing your phone notifications first thing in the morning can cause anxiety. It helps to perform other therapeutic activities like meditation and exercise in the morning before checking your phone.
  • Not turning off notifications when preoccupied
    Having your notifications popping on your screen throughout the day can hamper your concentration on other significant activities like engaging in office work or spending family time. Turn off your notifications at such times and focus exclusively on the other tasks at hand.

Latest smartphones for developing healthy habits
Today, several smartphones with health and well-being features have been launched in the market and are backed by cutting-edge technology. Here are some such smartphones and their features:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is equipped with several exclusive features, including a foldable dynamic AMOLED 2X display, pushed-back bezels, exceptionally sharp camera quality, water resistance, and durability. The main difference between Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and this smartphone model is that the flip phone is much smaller and lighter. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is ideal for Android power users.
Launch date: August 26, 2022
MRP: $1259.99 onwards

Apple iPhone SE3
The latest Apple iPhone SE 3 has many desirable features like a retina HD display, fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, a 12MP camera, and an A15 bionic chip.
Launch date: March 18, 2022
MRP: $429 onwards

Google Pixel 6a
Google Pixel 6a, powered by the Google Tensor processor, is ideal for multitasking and is equipped with an OLED display, auto-HDR camera, stereo speakers, etc. It is a rage among tech savvies, and for a good reason!
Launch date: July 28, 2022
MRP: $449 onwards

Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7 is equipped with a remarkably authentic camera, a 25% brighter display, and longer battery life, making its quality a notch higher than its predecessors. It also has Google AI built into the system, thus redefining speed and efficiency.
Launch date: October 6
MRP: $599

iPhone 14
The classic iPhone 14 has some impressive features that have won over several Apple users. Long battery life, superior-quality low-light photos, aerospace-grade aluminum build, availability in different colors, crash detection, and a supersized Super Retina XDR display are some characteristics of this incredible iPhone.
Release date: September 16
MRP: Starting from $799

iPhone 14 Pro
Some of the classic features of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro include a dual e-SIM with multiple numbers, always-on display, a ceramic shield glass, a dual-LED dual-tone flash camera, stereo speakers, Qi wireless charging(7.5W), and availability in multiple colors.
Release date: September 16
MRP: Starting from $999

iPhone 14 Pro Max
The all-new iPhone 14 Pro Max has stolen the show since its recent release. Its dynamic features, such as voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-Fi calling, availability of multiple colors, long battery life, a highly pixel-dense camera, and an A16 bionic chip, make it one of the best performance-driven phones on the market.
Release date: September 16
MRP: Starting from $1,099

Several 5G phone plans powered by reputed US cellular communication brands like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and others are compatible with these latest smartphones. Take your pick from these smartphones, select your internet phone plan, and set up the features for a healthy lifestyle.

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