5 signs that a partner could be cheating ?>

5 signs that a partner could be cheating

The key to a healthy relationship is always open, clear communication, so it is important for both partners to discuss their fears and address personal issues. Skipping these discussions can lead to bigger problems in the long run. One of the problems is infidelity, often cited among the top reasons for ending relationships. While one must only trust proof or admission to determine if a partner is cheating, a few surprising signs may indicate infidelity.

1. Becoming secretive about their phone
It is common knowledge that a partner’s phone can provide evidence of an affair, if any. So, they often become secretive while using their phone as soon as they start seeing someone else. They may also hide their phone. They may also become anxious when it comes to sharing phone passwords, texts, or emails.

2. Investing less time into the relationship
Being gone more often is another classic sign of an affair. The partner may suddenly seem to have much more work late at night, frequent weekend work calls, or business trips. Here, they could be creating time for someone else. Even if they are not cheating, spending less time together can be a sign of a problem in the relationship.

3. Becoming emotionally distant
Emotional honesty is the foundation of a strong relationship. So, if a partner starts disconnecting emotionally, it can be a sign of trouble. But often, work-related problems, health issues, and stress can also make them become emotionally distant. So, it is important that one initiates a conversation with their partner to determine the underlying reason for the decline in emotional affection.

4. Confiding less
When having an affair, one may stop talking about what they are thinking or feeling with their partner. Here, they could have begun sharing their private thoughts with another person and, consequently, have stopped confiding in their partner.

5. Becoming indifferent to relationship issues
It is normal for partners to have differences in their relationship and get into arguments. Generally, these arguments affect both of them. However, if one of them appears to be unfazed by the issues in their relationship and is no longer interested in addressing them, it may be because they are now focusing their energies on someone else outside of the relationship.

While these signs could indicate infidelity, sometimes people change for reasons other than cheating. Here, communication can help one understand the changes in their partner’s behavior.

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