5 places to consider while planning a destination travel on a budget ?>

5 places to consider while planning a destination travel on a budget

When this nightmare has blown past us, it will be quite difficult for us not to make the most of every single gift we’ve been given, including the ability to travel again. Of course, one can choose to carry their favorite novels and Nintendo Switches with them wherever they go, but a view of the beach beats looking at the same bedroom wall any day. If you’re going to be planning for a trip, and have already started looking, here are some of the destinations you’d want to consider for budget travels.

  • Zanzibar
    Composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago, this island is the epitome of scenic beauty. It is located in the Indian Ocean and is the cheapest African destination, at least according to the 2019 Backpackers Index. If you’re traveling on a budget, a day here will cost you around $25, which is super affordable. The place also has an eclectic mix of fancy and exotic islands and spice plantations.
  • Oaxaca
    Oaxaca is a city that lies in Mexico and is known for its amazing culture. From food to music and from art to parades, you may find some of the best of everything here. Aside from the fact that this place has a lot to offer, it is also one of the best places to travel on a budget. With free entry to museums on Sundays and bus fares that cost barely anything, you may actually end up saving money on this trip rather than spending it.
  • Siem Reap
    An important part of Cambodian history, this place has hordes of temples. In fact, more than 50% of the tourists that flock here come just to see these historic places of worship. But, not visiting much else means you’re missing out. The food, the stay, and even the nightlife are definitely worth a visit. The museums, especially, are eye-opening as they give you a glimpse of Cambodia’s colorful past.
  • Nice
    Any place or city in France sounds too fancy for anyone who is trying to travel on a budget. But, this place actually has a lot to offer, especially if you know where to go to achieve an optimum level of budget-friendly destination travel and luxury. The European architecture in the city is breathtaking and the market is full of life with the best vintage items for sale.
  • Ocean Isle Beach
    If you want to travel to a beautiful destination but do not want to leave the US, you can opt to do so. There are some absolutely charming places in the United States — one of them being the Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. It is a small town that lies in the north of South Carolina. You can fly directly to the airport or choose to go on a 45-minute road trip from Wilmington airport. You can get on a boat and sail out to the nearby local islands, grab a filling snack for $7, play mini-golf, or just lay on the beach and enjoy the sun.
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