5 fashionable wristbands worth buying ?>

5 fashionable wristbands worth buying

Wristbands are to modern fashion what jewelries were in the past. They enhance appearance, adding charm to your otherwise bare hands. While they don’t shine as much as gold or diamond, they’re much cheaper, usually costing under $10. More and more people are embracing them today, and for that reason, new and trendy designs keep popping up everywhere. Read on to check out some of our favorite wristband designs in 2021.

American flag silicone wristbands
If you live and breathe America, there is a variety of American flag silicone wristbands that you can choose from. It gives you the chance to show your patriotism while staying in fashion. You can customize it as well and add some phrases, words, or letters. Each wristband costs just $1 on the Trendy Wristbands website, so you can buy in bulk and distribute them to friends and family on Independence Day.

Rainbow wristbands
Join the Pride parade and support the LGBTQ community by sporting a rainbow wristband. These cost under $10 per piece on Amazon and are made from a highly durable silicone material. The wristband feels soft and light and goes with most types of clothing.

‘Save The Date’ silicone wristbands
A box of 100 ‘Save The Date’ wristbands costs $100 on the Trendy Wristbands website, which comes out to $1 per band. They are reasonably priced, and you can buy them when you’ve decided on the wedding date. No one will dare forget it once they have one of these around their wrist. The bands are made from silicone, so they’ll last even after your wedding day.

Single color blank wristbands
Fancy is good, but sometimes you need to go simple. A plain wristband epitomizes simplicity and is yet elegant at the same time. It doesn’t have any design, featuring just a solid, even color. It measures 8 inches and is made from a combination of silicone and rubber. Everyone from men, women, and teens can wear this rubber wristband to stay stylish and trendy. These are currently available at $7 per piece on Amazon.

Motivational wristbands with inspirational messages
Having trouble with motivation? No problem. Buy a few pieces of this motivational wristband and stay focused on your goals 24×7. The rubber wristband can carry quotes like “SUCCESS IS A STATE OF MIND,” “ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS,” and “FOCUS: REALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL.” Each band has a unisex design and costs around $14 on Amazon.

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