5 eco-friendly ways to clean the bathroom ?>

5 eco-friendly ways to clean the bathroom

Bathroom cleaning is one of the most crucial household chores that must be performed regularly. The market has many modern products like sprays, rust removers, wipes, and soaps to make the job quick and easy. That said, most of them are expensive and use dangerous and harsh chemicals that affect the environment. Fortunately, you can achieve a squeaky-clean bathroom without contributing to environmental damage by following these simple eco-friendly tips.

Polish surfaces with newspapers
Many people use old rags to polish shiny bathroom surfaces like mirrors and faucets and end up noticing lint or fuzz on them. They then turn to a microfiber cloth. While microfiber cloths are readily available, they are bad for the environment as they shed particles of plastic, which are too tiny for filters to catch. An eco-friendly alternative is to use old newspapers to clean the bathroom. Newspapers can help you achieve shiny surfaces and be easily disposed of or recycled.

Remove grime with lemon and salt
Sinks and bathtubs are used multiple times during the day, leading to grime forming on their surface. An eco-friendly way to eliminate grime from the bathroom is to scrub it using lemon and salt instead of ready-made chemical formulas. All you need to do is cut a lemon in half, apply salt to the halves, and rub the lemon on the surface of the bathtub or sink. Besides removing grime and scale, this remedy leaves a lasting lemon fresh scent in the bathroom.

Use vinegar and baking soda for the toilet bowl
Most toilet bowl cleaners usually rely on harsh chemicals for satisfactory results. While you may opt for bleach as an alternative, it has disadvantages too. Besides being bad for the environment, bleach releases a toxic gas when it comes into contact with ammonia (a component of urine), which may lead to dizziness and sickness. The most eco-friendly alternative to clean the toilet bowl is to use a solution made by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar. Let this mixture sit in the toilet bowl for 20 to 30 minutes before scrubbing it clean. This solution can also be used to sanitize the toilet and kill germs.

Buy products with eco-conscious packaging
If you buy commercial products for bathroom cleaning, ensure their packaging is eco-friendly or made using recycled or recyclable materials. Some companies sell bathroom cleaning solutions in bottles made with post-recycled consumer plastic. These bottles are recyclable, ensuring you do your bit to save the environment while achieving a fresh, clean bathroom.

Use fragrance-free products
Most cleaning products with fragrances have phthalates, a component that has proven to be toxic to both humans and the earth’s ecosystems. So, to save the planet, use fragrance-free formulas. You may opt for products with essential oils and plant-based ingredients for cleanliness and lasting scent. Product labels usually mention whether a solution has artificial fragrance or essential oils, making it easier to decide. So, read them carefully the next time you shop for bathroom cleaning essentials.

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