5 cool tablet hacks to maximize its use ?>

5 cool tablet hacks to maximize its use

Tablets offer the ultimate functionality of a laptop combined with the portable aesthetics of a smartphone. They are both powerful and extremely compact computing systems that support work and play on the go. But often, there are many unexplored features, and some nifty usage hacks to maximize your iPad or Android tablet’s usability. Here are five extremely cool and smart ways to multipurpose your tablet use and explore the product in and out.

Use it as a second screen
Use your tablet as a second screen to divide the number of tabs open on your browser. This will firstly decrease the load on your laptop/computer and save you the hassle of switching multiple screens. Several office productivity apps let you track daily tasks, schedule reminders, and monitor daily work progress. You can even download apps that allow you to wirelessly sync your computing system to the tablet and use it as an advanced control node.

Install it on your car dashboard
Have a spare iPad or Samsung tablet lying in a corner gathering dust simply because no one really uses it? Why not have it installed in your car and use the entire tablet as an infotainment system? The iPad Pro 10th gen is expected to offer the perfect screen size, operating system, and accessibility features to make this installation more worthwhile. It will double up as an entertainment screen for people sitting in the back to enjoy some movies and binge-worthy shows en route. Download and install apps like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio and get exclusive access to millions of songs to stay entertained on the drive. We tell you, the possibilities are endless.

Use it as an alarm and digital photo frame
Simply prop it up in the living room and have a slideshow running in the background for guests and family to relive some cool memories. You can download and install digital pot frame apps like Nicebook, which has some cool transitions for the slideshow. Use the alarm feature and set up timely reminders for chores or any and all important tasks.

Use it for video conferencing
iPad cameras come with really good sensors that are designed for tablet use specifically. So, video playback quality support for video conferencing will be off the charts. It will also make it a lot easier to free up your smartphone and laptop dependency for making and attending work calls. A dedicated video calling station means you can continue working while being on call without having to switch tabs and waste any time.

Set it up for your kids
Download essential learning apps, install parental control, lock out select viewing apps, and update the operating system to make it more user-friendly with accessibility features enabled. Voila, you’ve got yourself a cool digital learning platform for your kids to make the most of during the day after school. Since most tablets offer dark read modes and apps that lower screen harshness, you don’t have to worry about children damaging their eyesight with prolonged use as well.

Two best tablets to buy this year

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro
If you prefer an android OS, then the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro launched in October of 2021 is the perfect smart tab to upgrade to this year with ongoing sales and offers. Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor featuring the android 11 operating system, the P12 Pro also boasts a solid 6GB memory. Play your favorite games without major lag and enjoy movies on a cool 2K AMOLED Dolby Vison™ display for the ultimate cinematic experience. get the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro online for just $699 and enjoy a smart upgrade synched with all your wireless accessories.

iPad Pro 10th Generation
Apple’s latest iPad series, rumored to launch at the end of October this year, probably by the 26th, boasts even bigger screens and stunning hardware upgrades worth $799 for the 11-inch display and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch display. The iPad 10th Gen and the Pro come with an array of storage options ranging from 128GB to even 2TB, making them one of the best among smart tablets. In connectivity options, you can choose between the only Wi-Fi option or go for the Wi-Fi + Cellular option. Additionally, you can add the Apple keyboards and Apple Pencil bundled with these deals.

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