5 cities with most asthma related emergencies ?>

5 cities with most asthma related emergencies

If you are an asthma patient, exposure to environmental triggers can lead to severe breathing problems. Being inadvertently exposed to these triggers for long periods can result in aggravated symptoms compromising your quality of life. Statistics suggest more than 26 million people in the country live with asthma. And if you are one of these people, you know how much the environment of the city you live in contributes to your daily life and health.

Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville is one of the cities in the country with the biggest red flag for people with asthma. It is also ranked high on the list of cities in the use of treatment for long-term asthma control and management.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia is ranked 11th on the list of cities prevalent in asthma. It also ranks high on the list of places with a substantial number of asthma-related deaths. Philadelphia also is home to a greater amount of the population that is struggling to make ends meet. This directly or indirectly impacts the patient’s ability to seek treatment for their asthma and is a cause of poor lifestyle.

Dayton, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio, is ranked one of the worst cities for asthma patients. It is largely believed that the entire midwestern belt of the country is unhealthy for people with asthma to live in. Studies suggest that Dayton is the fourth city in the nation to record the most number of emergency room visits owing to asthma.

Richmond, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia, is ranked at the top of the list of cities that record asthma-related deaths. It is also sixth on the list of cities with the most emergency room visits because of asthma. The environment of Richmond is filled with pollen which is one of the biggest triggers for the worsening of asthma symptoms. Add into the mix the high poverty ratio of the city, making it one of the worst possible cities to live in for asthma patients and their families. The pollen-rich air of Richmond can also act as a trigger for people that are susceptible to asthma because of allergies or genetics.

Springfield, Massachusetts
In the list of worst cities for asthma, Springfield tops numerous lists. It is the city with the highest number of emergency room visits recorded for asthma-related issues. It also ranks as the seventh-highest city with pollen in the air and is one of the most common places with ER visits for asthma.

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