5 causes of lithium-ion battery malfunction ?>

5 causes of lithium-ion battery malfunction

One of the more popular choices to power electronics at home amongst consumers is lithium-ion batteries. This is because of the large amount of power they can use at a given size and weight. But occasionally, we hear about such batteries failing and bursting into flames. The phenomenon can result in mild or severe damage in its surroundings. This article discusses five top reasons why some lithium-ion batteries may malfunction. Read on to learn more.

Manufacturing defect
The functionality of a battery is based on the quality of its manufacturing process. Any flaws during production may lead to impure metallic particles seeping into the unit during assembly. Thinning of separators while manufacturing may also have adverse effects on the health of the battery. So manufacturers must ensure each cell is made in controlled cleanrooms and conduct quality-control tests and validation before being sold.

Design flaw
While the manufacturing process of a battery might be carried out without hiccups, a flaw in the design might ruin the entire batch. A poor design can cause damage to the electrodes or separate them and lead to a short circuit. Therefore, those designing batteries should check the design multiple times before manufacturing the lithium-ion battery.

Usage with incompatible devices
Each battery is designed to serve a specific purpose. So one cannot use a bigger battery in a device that only supports a smaller version and expect it to function. Moreover, using incorrect devices in appliances, vehicles, or other devices may also lead to short circuits and fires.

Penetrating the battery pack
Most battery manufacturers print a set of safety guidelines on a battery that each individual must follow. And though one of the guidelines may include not penetrating the battery pack, some individuals still do it. This can result in short circuits and fires that can cause widespread damage. If a battery does not function appropriately, the individual must get it checked and repaired by an authorized service center.

Charger issues
Sometimes a perfectly functioning battery pack might get damaged because of external factors. A poorly insulated charger is one component responsible for the deterioration of a lithium-ion battery. If the device heats up or shorts during the charging process, it may lead to collateral damage affecting the battery. One should also use the recommended charger for a particular battery to avoid mishaps.

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