4 smoothies to keep common cold and flu at bay ?>

4 smoothies to keep common cold and flu at bay

Smoothies are so much more than just refreshment drinks, with their long list of health benefits almost always overlooked. One can concoct delicious smoothies for uses as varied as keeping the immune system healthy or strengthening one’s bones. In the cold and flu season, certain smoothies can help prevent the onset if consumed regularly. And the best part? The smoothies listed here are incredibly easy to make with daily groceries.

Green tea and pineapple smoothie
The first anti-flu smoothie combines an unlikely pair of green tea and pineapple to optimize the consumer’s health during the winter when most people are down with a cold or fever. To make this, one has to blend two cups of freshly-cut peeled pineapple slices, a tablespoon of honey, a cup of crushed ice, a cup of green tea made using loose leaves, and a finely chopped half ginger.

One can serve this smoothie after decorating it with several different garnish combinations.

Cold buster green smoothie
As its name suggests, this smoothie contains loads of leafy green vegetables. To make this drink, one needs to blend 2 cups of spinach, three baby carrots, a banana, half an orange after peeling it, a cup of orange juice, half an apple slice, half a cup of ice, and half a cup of frozen pineapple. This smoothie can provide consumers with an adequate amount of essential vitamins for strength and energy.

Green smoothie flu fighter
To increase energy levels and keep the immune system in top health, one can make this nicely-named flu-fighter smoothie. To make this, one needs to use a powerful blender to concoct a mix of two peeled oranges, a ripe banana, an inch of a peeled ginger root, a dash of peeled lime, half a cup of parsley, a cup of spinach, half a slice of bell pepper, and water.

Elderberry smoothie
This delicious and strong-flavored smoothie contains immune-boosting ingredients such as red grape juice, pumpkin seeds, plums, and elderberry syrup. In terms of nutritive value, this smoothie has plenty to offer, including antioxidants, zinc, several key minerals, and other elements that keep one’s immune ready for any viral infections.
To make this smoothie, one needs a high-powered blender to make a heady mix that includes a small banana, half a cup of crushed ice, and a small, fresh orange, three organic plums, a teaspoon of elderberry syrup, half a cup of crushed ice, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, and a cup of red grape juice.

Some other effective drinks include the vitamin C smoothie and the very berry smoothie.

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