4 popular software for effective employee evaluation and management ?>

4 popular software for effective employee evaluation and management

Software designed for Human Resources can help streamline the processes involved in critical areas as of growth within a business organization. Many of these offer automation, customization, and, most importantly, evaluation tools and resources that help employers review the performance of the people in the organization. The key factors to consider while comparing these software include tools for goals, feedback, coaching, performance review processes, and compensation analysis.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have scoured the internet to find 4 popular vendors who provide core employee evaluation and management services.

Bamboo HR
Emerging small- and medium-sized businesses need an efficient tool for managing employee information. Bamboo HR provides an intuitive and resourceful system that employs key factors for performance appraisals. For a thorough employee performance review, as a company owner, you must opt for a holistic 360-degree feedback approach applicable individually. Bamboo HR gives you the right tools for appraisal history tracking, compensation management, and reviewing peer appraisal, all with an objective goal-setting approach in mind. The personalized HR software offers a free trial for you to test it out before employing the vendor. On the downside, there are a few issues with the mobile application and pricing for the bundle of features. However, the pros of this software outweigh such minor concerns.

Deputy offers premium performance evaluation and management software to manage employee appraisals and perks seamlessly. Using Deputy, you can create a performance record for individual members of a team and allow authorized personnel to read and review comments on the job. Furthermore, you can track and create customized evaluation reports to identify key areas of performance. Also, you can review the records on the go with the Deputy’s mobile application. After all, nothing should come in the way of building a strong team by identifying the best performers and further mentoring them.

SAP SuccessFactors
SAP SuccessFactors caters to both your and the employee’s goals for performance, contribution, and growth. It is one of the best employee evaluation software available in the market that delivers excellent products and tools for human capital management (HCM). Particularly for employee evaluation, SAP delivers experience that assesses their engagement and provides life cycle feedback for the same. SAP also offers tools and resources for effective payroll management, talent management, and workforce management.

Namely HR
Namely HR provides a centralized employee evaluation software and analysis platform for all business operations. These include custom services for onboarding, engagement, talent management, benefits administration, payroll, and even compliance. Namely is an excellent option for small- and medium-sized business owners. But it is an expensive software for larger organizations, mainly due to the lack of some essential features that should be included for the premium for businesses that engage thousands of employees. Overall, Namely HR is easy to use, as it features an interactive central dashboard platform accessible both on the office computer and on the go.

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