4 common e-bike buying mistakes to avoid ?>

4 common e-bike buying mistakes to avoid

Electric bikes have increased in popularity and demand over the years. Not only is it a practical option for many, but it is also environmentally friendly. Besides providing the freedom to ride on two wheels without putting in much effort, e-bikes also allow you to get from point A to point B quickly. However, there are some common mistakes made when buying an e-bike, and here is a list that will keep you vigilant before a purchase.

Buying a cheap e-bike
Opting for a cheap model over the branded ones in the store may seem like a great and economical decision, but this is a classic rookie mistake to avoid when buying an e-bike. It is important to understand that e-bikes involve the use of sophisticated technologies that work together to help ease your commute. Therefore, e-bikes are a bit more expensive than their counterparts. That said, buying an e-bike that is too low in price leads to constant issues like dysfunctional components, low battery range, and many more technical difficulties. Check for build quality, performance, durability, high-end components, and smooth riding factors before you purchase a bike.

Choosing the wrong battery
This is another prevalent mistake when buying an e-bike. To begin with, it is important to understand the requirement for the e-bike. Do you want a bike for work, a quick shopping trip around the block, or for weekend leisure rides? Depending on the purpose of buying the bike, you can choose the battery range and power you’d require to keep the e-bike functioning. There are bikes where you can install two batteries and ride for more than 100 miles on a single charge. There are those that run for 40 miles on a single charge too, so do your research and understand if you are buying the right battery range for your needs.

Buying the wrong size
Just like a cycle, an e-bike works well when it is the right size for you. The wrong size – too big or too small – will keep you unbalanced during the ride, making you uncomfortable. You will need proper leg extension that helps you ride and maintain balance on the bike. Not just that, but a bike that’s too small will also affect your posture, as you may have to slouch down to operate it properly. Also, some people with hip mobility issues may need specialized models that suit their requirements. Therefore, it is important to check the size and height of the bike before you opt for one. Ask for a test ride, if possible.

Buying without warranty
An e-bike with no warranty or any Domestic Customer Service is not worth purchasing. Regardless of how big a manufacturer is, bike components may need repair or replacement in the long run. Battery malfunctions and seat adjustments may require special attention in some cases. Buying an e-bike with a warranty and the option of domestic customer service is beneficial because a person can physically look at the bike to fix it at the earliest. There are expert e-bike technicians who will respond to your SOS calls about any issues related to the vehicle.

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